The East Providence Fire Department is a full-time career department that protects some 50,000 residents in an area of 16.5 square miles.  The main operating frequency is 470.7625 mgh, and the fire-ground frequency is 470.5870, under the FCC identification of KCB 723. The department responds to approximately 12,000 calls annually.

The city borders the City of Pawtucket, RI  to the north, Town of Barrington, RI to the south, Town of Seekonk, MA to the east, and the Capital City of Providence, RI to the west. The department has a Class 2 ISO rating.

The department was organized in 1875, with the first paid members starting in 1911.  The department never used horse drawn equipment, making the transition directly from hand-pulled to motorized apparatus. The department grew to 135 members in the late 1960's, and has since been scaled back to the present day 120 members. 

The department is led by a 31 year veteran of the department, Chief Oscar M. Elmasian, who was appointed on September 17, 2013. The department is divided into two divisions; staff and line. 
Staff personnel include the Chief of Department, 1 Administrative Assistant, 1 Fire Prevention Secretary,       2 Fire Prevention Officers, 2 Training & Safety Officers, 1 Emergency Medical Services Director, 1 Fire Alarm Superintendent .
Line personnel operate four groups, with each group rotating through a 48 hour work week of two ten-hour days, two fourteen-hour nights, followed by four days off.  Each group is commanded by a Battalion Chief, with a minimum on-duty strength of 26 personnel. 
At full strength the department employs 120 personnel. All members of the department, with the exception of the Chief of the Department, are members of Local 850, International Association of Firefighters.  

All Personnel are certified NFPA 1001 Firefighter I & II and Hazardous Materials Operations level.  Emergency Medical Technicians are certified to the Advanced, Cardiac or Paramedic level. All Fire Officers are certified NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I and 1041 Fire Service Instructor.  

The department operates a State Hazardous Materials Response Team and a Department Technical Rescue Team. The department is the first in the state to operate a mobile Hazardous Material Response Truck.

The Department has 4 stations housing 5 Engine Companies, 2 Ladder Companies, 3 ALS Rescues, 1 Special Hazards (Heavy Rescue) Company, 1 Hazardous Materials Company and Battalion 1 (Group Commander). The department also maintains 2 Engine Companies and 3 ALS Rescues in reserve status. The Special Hazards and Hazardous Materials Companies are cross-manned by members of  Stations 1 & 3 as tag-along pieces. All Engine and Ladder Companies are certified as ALS response units and are equipped with a thermal imaging camera. 
Minimum apparatus manning is as follows: Engine Companies: 1 Officer, 2 Firefighters. Ladder Companies: 1 Officer, 1 Firefighter. ALS Rescue Companies: 2 Firefighter EMT-Cardiacs or EMT-Paramedics.

The department operates three marine units; Zodiac 2, Zodiac 3 and Marine 3. These units are cross-manned by Engine and/or Ladder Company personnel and protect 14.4 miles of shore line along the upper Narragansett Bay, Seekonk, and Providence Rivers. Zodiacs 2 & 3 are 16' & 18' inflatable boats and are located at Stations 2 and Station 3. Marine 3 is a 34' Fire/Rescue Marine unit and is in the water 24/7. Marine 3 is one of four Marine Units that responds as part of the Port of Providence Marine Strike Team (PPMST).

These fire and rescue companies provide protection to a diverse mix of residential, commercial, light and heavy industrial occupancies, including 
9 High-Rise Apartment Buildings, 1 Childrens Hospital, and 2 Petrolium Storage Facilities; ExxonMobil and Capital Terminal Company . The city is also home to WPRI TV Channel 12, a Fox affiliated broadcasting station.