Structure Fire, Smoke in/coming from the Structure
3 Engines, 2 Ladders, 1 EMS Rescue, Battalion Chief

Master Box Alarm, Local Fire Alarm, Odor of Gas in a Structure:
 3 Engines, 2 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Battalion Chief

Vehicle Fire, Trash/Brush Fire, Electrical Emergencies, Odor of Gas Outside a Structure, Smoke Outside Structure, Strange Odor,
Non-Emergency Details, Engine Relocation: 
1 Engine & 1 Ladder

CO Detector Sounding - No Person Ill, Water Emergency In Structure, 
Lock Outs, Locked Ins, Ladder Relocation: 
1 Ladder

Carbon Monoxide Detector Sounding - Person Ill: 
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Battalion Chief

Dumpster Fire-No Exposure Problem: 
1 Engine & 1 Ladder 

911 Hang-up: 
1 Engine or 1 Ladder

EMS Medical Emergecnies,  Auto Accidents w/ Injury: 
1 Engine or 1 Ladder & 1 EMS Rescue 

Auto Accident on Interstate Rt 195 or East Shore Expressway
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 Rescue, Battalion Chief

Boating Emergency: 
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, 1 Boat, Battalion Chief

Hazardous Material Emergencies: 
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Haz Mat Unit, Battalion Chief

Vehicle into Water: 
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Special Hazards, 1 Boat, Battalion Chief

Vehicle into Building, Vehicle into Pole, Vehicle Roll-Over, 
Elevator Emergency, Ice Rescue, Industrial Accident:  
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Special Hazards, Battalion Chief

Bomb Scare: 
1 Engine, 1 EMS Rescue, Battalion Chief

Bus / School Bus Fire: 
2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue,  Battalion Chief

Tanker Truck Fire: 
1 Engine, 1 Foam Engine, 1 Ladder, Battalion Chief

Technical Rescue Emergencies: 
2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Special Hazards, Battalion Chief

Vehicle Accident w/ Injury and a Fire: 
2 Engines, 1 EMS Rescue, Battalion Chief


State of Rhode Island Regional Hazardous Material Team Response:
Haz-Mat 1, Haz-Mat Trailer, Haz-Mat Operations Chief, 10 Haz-Mat Technicians

Port of Providence Marine Strike Team Response:
1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 EMS Rescue, Marine 3 (Fire Boat), Battalion Chief

State of Rhode Island Foam Task Force Response:
Engine 4 (Foam Unit), Ladder 3, Foam Tender 1, Battalion Chief
Fire Alarm Dispatching is part of the City of East Providence Emergency Communication Center. The Communication Center is located within the Police Department Headquarters, 750 Waterman Avenue, and handles dispatching for fire, rescue and police emergencies. The main dispatching frequency is 470.7625 mgh., the fire ground frequency is 470.5872 mgh and the state inter-city channel is 154.280 mgh.

All dispatchers are crossed trained for fire and police dispatching and work 8 hr. shifts, with 4 days on and 2 days off. Minimum staffing is two dispatchers on duty with one dispatching fire and one dispatching police. When manning allows, there are shifts where a third dispatcher is on duty as a call taker.

Emergency incidents are received by; municipal master alarm boxes, telephone, and the state's Enhanced-911 emergency line. Emergency dispatches are broken down into two (2) categories; Still alarms and Box alarms.  Any emergency dispatch in which the request for assistance was received via telephone, 911, or radio is referred to as a “Still Alarm”.  Any emergency dispatch received from a master municipal alarm box is referred to as a “Box Alarm.” All radio communications and dispatching procedures are handle according to the guidelines established within the Fire Department Communications Manual.

The  East Providence Fire Department is faced with and prepared to handle and mitigate numerous emergency situations.  These problems range from fire, medical, hazardous materials, technical rescue and boating emergencies, to emergencies involving electricity, gas and strange odors.    
The department also assists the public in non-emergency situations such as water emergencies, lockouts, lockins and assistance to the physically disabled.  The department’s policy is to respond to any type of 911 call received from any residential or commercial property, where the problem is yet unknown; 911 hang-ups.
The East Providence Fire Department is part of the State of Rhode Island Mutual Aid system and agrees to assist the respective fire departments with whatever equipment is necessary.  In turn, this department is dependent on other departments if the need should arise.
The East Providence Fire Department utilizes an Incident Command System, (ICS), to safely and effectively conduct the operations of any emergency situation.  One of the key components of the ICS is proper communications, which allows this system to efficiently increase or decrease in size depending on the scale of the incident.  The ICS also provides an accurate accountability system for all personnel operating at an incident scene.  
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